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How do we know enough cord blood is collected?

If delayed cord clamping is done for only 2 minutes max or less (or not at all), it is extremely likely that enough stem cells were collected. We follow up with a stem cell certificate 1 month after birth so you can get an exact stem cell count. We also provide a stem cell certificate guide so you can easily understand and analyze the information.

How do you track each person's stem cells?

Mixing up biological goods would be a violation of your personal property, so we have every FDA and AABB mandate in place to ensure that there would be absolutely no mix up whatsoever. We also carefully label every single sample multiple times (you may note our collection instructions requires every sample to be labeled).

What if I'm having multiples?

You can order one kit for each child, but we have twin and triplet discounts! Email for more info.

How do you ensure maximum stem cell collection?

Anja's collection bag uses CPD and we do manual processing, to assure maximum stem cell collection across the board.

Why is the birth mother's blood collected?

You may have noticed that in your kit we have included vials for your the birth mother's blood to be collected as well. This is because our lab will perform an infectious disease testings. It is required when considering using your baby's cord blood for research or treatment.

Should I bank for each child?

We strongly suggest banking for each of your children. Cord blood has a 75% match rate for siblings though if your family decides to only bank for one or some of your children.

Can I still do placenta banking and encapsulation?

We require the entire placenta so we can extract as many stem cells as possible from it.

Can I bank cord blood if I have a home birth?

The only difference would be that - if you're not giving birth in a hospital - we'd verify that you have access to tools for blood collection and labels. Blood collection tools are for collecting a sample of the mother's blood as we screen it for disease. Labels are for ensuring everything that is collected is identified in multiple different ways, according to FDA and AABB regulations.

What if I have a c-section?

C-section or vaginal delivery, our kit includes a sterile collection bag that can be used inside or outside of the operating room.

If I have a disease, will it impact viability of the cells?

It depends on the disease. Email with your disease, and we'll inquire with our medical team.

Where can I bank cord blood?

Anja Health banks nationally across the United States. Our shipping team can quickly get to any state, so your location will not impact Anja's shipping and storage abilities.

How can I use the stem cells?

After birth, you have access to a portal where you can view your stem cell certificate and contact us in the case you ever want to retrieve your stem cells. You would need to have a physician ready to receive the stem cells for treatment (generally for a FDA-approved or clinical trial use case). We can get the stem cells to your designated physician shortly after you contact us.

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