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March 15, 2024


May 16, 2024

I stored my placenta in the freezer. Can I still send it to Anja?

We understand that some parents may have taken the initiative to store their cord blood, cord tissue, or placenta in the freezer, hoping to utilize it for banking later on.

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However, we cannot accept previously stored stem cells for stem cell banking at Anja.

The reason behind this is the stringent scientific and quality protocols we adhere to. Our stem cell storage process requires specific procedures and conditions right from the moment of placental collection to ensure the highest quality and viability of the stem cells. Unfortunately, we are unable to validate the viability and integrity of stem cells stored under different conditions.

To ensure the best outcomes for your child's future health, we recommend contacting Anja within 6 hours after the birth of your baby. Our team will guide you through the proper collection and storage procedures, ensuring the optimal preservation of your baby's stem cells.

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