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March 15, 2024


March 15, 2024

What measures are taken to maximize the collection of stem cells?

We ensure that CPD and not heparin is used in our cord blood bags.

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  1. We ensure that CPD and not heparin is used in our cord blood bags. CPD has been unanimously chosen amongst the cord blood banking industry as the best anti-coagulant to use in cord blood bags. CPD does not break down, while heparin does, and unlike heparin, CPD is not an animal product. Thus, it is not as likely to have been exposed to bacteria and viruses as Heparin has. This study illustrates the importance of CPD further: cord blood collected with liquid CPD has 30% more total nucleated cells and 58% more CD34+ cells (AKA stem cells) than similar collections with heparin.

      2. We use manual processing to process our stem cells. Manual processing is handled in the lab by trained technicians rather than a machine. Manual processing is utilized by Anja Health because in the case that very minimal samples are collected (i.e. <40 mL of cord blood), the lab technicians can customize procedures as needed in order to maximize stem cell preservation.

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