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March 15, 2024


May 16, 2024

Can I still store stem cells if I have a fever?

If you have a fever at the time of your baby's birth, it is important to inform your provider.

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In some cases, a fever may be a sign of an underlying infection or medical condition that could affect the suitability of collecting and storing the stem cells.

The safety and quality of the stem cells are of utmost importance to us at Anja. If there are any concerns regarding the collection process due to a fever, it is best to consult with your provider and follow their guidance.

While a fever may not necessarily disqualify you from storing stem cells, it is essential to ensure that the collection is conducted under appropriate medical supervision and adherence to stringent protocols to maintain the integrity and viability of the stem cells.

Your health and the well-being of your baby are our top priorities, and we want to ensure that the stem cell banking process is carried out safely and effectively.

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