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Creating treatments through the power of stem cells

Umbilical cords and placentas have saved many lives. Meet our history!

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Why Anja was founded
“When my brother Andrew needed stem cell treatments, my family couldn't find a match because we're mixed race”

Our mission

Anja Health is on the frontier of medicine, unlocking new treatment options by providing the most personal source of stem cells for families: from the umbilical cord and placenta itself. We are on a mission to arm new parents with information, education, convenience, and accessibility so that no family has to encounter what our founder's family did: needing a stem cell match when they need it most.

Credits: Augusta Chronicle
Credits: Da Vinci Wellness Centre

Umbilical cords and placentas have saved the following lives

Credits: Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation
Credits: CBC Health
Credits: Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation

Advisory Board

Medical professionals dedicated to the cause.


Dr. Jitsen Chang

Jitsen has been an LA-based OBGYN for over 10 years when he moved to the role of Director Medical Partnerships at BillionToOne. He has studied Human Biology at the University of Texas and became a Doctor of Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center.


Dr. Allison Rodgers

An OBGYN with multiple awards and publications behind her, is based in Ohio. She has a degree from the University of Michigan and has helped several thousand patients conceive.

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