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March 15, 2024


May 16, 2024

Can I still bank with preeclampsia?

We understand that preeclampsia can be a concerning condition during pregnancy.

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The ability to store your baby's stem cells may depend on the severity and specific circumstances of your preeclampsia.

In some cases, if your preeclampsia is well-managed and under control, it may still be possible to proceed with the collection and storage of your baby's stem cells. However, it is crucial to consult with your healthcare provider and discuss your individual situation.

Your healthcare provider will assess your medical condition and provide guidance based on your specific circumstances. They will consider factors such as the severity of preeclampsia, the gestational age of your baby, and any other relevant medical considerations.

At Anja, the health and safety of both you and your baby are our primary concerns. We encourage you to have open and transparent communication with your healthcare provider to determine the best course of action regarding stem cell banking in the presence of preeclampsia.

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