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March 15, 2024


May 29, 2024

How can I schedule a pickup after delivery?

✨ First of all, congratulations on the birth of your new baby!

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We want to make the process of collecting and shipping your stem cell kit as easy as possible while you focus on resting and caring for your new arrival.

Before placing the request for pickup, please make sure that:

  • A sample of the mom's blood has been collected in all four vials included in the kit
  • Every vial, bag, and container is labeled with Anja labels
  • Collect the date and time of the baby's birth
  • Provide the hospital address with the room number

To begin the pickup process, simply complete the form here, it's super fast and easy! You'll get a text message confirming the pickup was placed successfully. In the event you don't receive the text message, please don't hesitate to call 833.621.0337 to schedule the pickup.

Our team will dispatch our medical courier to pick up your kit within 12 hours, and you will receive a confirmation notification on the phone number provided. The courier will come to your room or meet you in the lobby to collect the kit, as permitted.

🚚💨 We searched high and low for our current biological goods courier. They are the best and come with 10+ years of experience with transporting kits from anywhere in the US.

Please make sure to have the necessary items ready for return, as described in the Inside Your Collection Kit.

Once the kit has been received by our lab, our shipping team will notify you. You can find more information on where your baby's stem cells will be stored in the Our Lab section.

Reminder: it is important that all collected specimens and blood draw samples are fully labeled with the provided stickers and that the 4 blood tubes are at least 75% filled with blood drawn from the mother's forearm. If the tubes are not properly filled, please kindly ask the nurse for a redraw with the tubes in the kit before the driver arrives. Remember to note the time of collection on the labels.

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