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is a space dedicated to the voices that matter the most - our incredible parents.

Through their heartfelt testimonials, candid videos, and cherished pictures, you'll get a glimpse into the profound impact Anja has had on their lives.

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Why I founded Anja

“Anja (pronounced AN•jah) is named after my brother Andrew. Cord blood was his last chance at treatment for cerebral palsy, but we couldn’t find a match because we’re mixed race.”
Kathryn Cross
Kathryn's Story

Anja Stories

Hear from parent's (and babies!) that banked stem cells with Anja.
Why we banked with Anja

Testimonials that Speak Volumes

Real parents

Well. We did it. One week ago today our true miracle was born. Our worries about bringing a new one into the world deleted. Our hearts grew a million times bigger. Our wait and struggle all worth it.

I had been considering Anja since I found out about my pregnancy in July. I had no idea this was even an option until I stumbled on a video on tiktok from the creator Kathrynanja (btw this tiktok account provides so much good information and advice) After doing a lot of research and comparing different companies I decided to go with Anja based on their great customer care and incredible prices. Thank you Anja for giving me the peace of mind for the future of my child at an affordable price. - Priscilla Martinez

It just keeps getting better and better. Baby Moana is here! - Jade Palomino

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