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March 15, 2024


May 16, 2024

How Are Your Baby's Stem Cells Matched to Treatment Needs?

When you want to use your baby's stored stem cells for a specific treatment, the identification process involves matching the characteristics of the stored stem cells with the requirements of the treatment.

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This typically includes factors such as the type of stem cells needed, tissue compatibility, and other relevant medical criteria.

Firstly, your healthcare provider will assess the medical condition and treatment requirements. They will then work with their laboratory to identify the most suitable stem cell sample from your baby's stored collection.

Their laboratory will perform tests to determine the compatibility between the stored stem cells and the treatment needs. These tests can include HLA typing, which analyzes human leukocyte antigens, and other matching criteria specific to the treatment.

By comparing the characteristics of your baby's stem cells with the treatment requirements, they can identify the best match for successful transplantation or therapy.

Rest assured that at Anja, we prioritize the accurate identification and matching of stem cells to ensure their optimal use for potential treatments. Our stringent protocols and quality assurance measures are designed to maintain the integrity and traceability of your baby's stem cell sample throughout the identification and utilization process.

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