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Stem Cell Banking As It Should Be

A breakdown of the stem cell collection journey with Anja Health and beyond

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Once you enroll with Anja, we send you our premium collection kit, which contains all necessary materials to collect cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta. You bring that with you to birth and let your midwife, doula, or admitting nurse know that you have it.

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After birth, our shipping team will pick it up from wherever you are in the United States. We'll take it to our contracted New Jersey-based, AABB-accredited, FDA-approved facility and manually process for maximum stem cell volume.


After processing our lab will cryo preserve it at -190° C for safe keeping. These stem cells have no known expiration date so we’ll keep them safe as long as you need.


At any time when your child, or a family member needs the cells, we’ll transfer the cells to your healthcare facility for treatment.

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Our Quality Guarantee

Trust is everything when it comes to your baby's health. At Anja, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to quality guarantees. From strict protocols to state-of-the-art facilities, we leave no stone unturned in safeguarding your precious one's stem cells. That's why every Anja product includes the following:

Collection Kit FDA-approved materials and instructions for medical professionals

Storage for a lifetime without damaging stem cells as stem cells do not expire

Biological goods courier with 10+ years of experience

Maximizing stem cell count via manual processing methods that individualize recovery - as opposed to automatic

Quality Storage FDA-approved and AABB-accredited lab

Anja Account Specialist who ensures that you stay connected to your stored family stem cells and the latest developments in stem cell research

Our $100,000 Quality Guarantee provides you with peace of mind in case your child's cord blood unit doesn't engraft during a stem cell transplant.

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