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October 13, 2022

The Top 6 Gifts for Expecting Parents

Supermom and Poppylist Founder Sarah Hollingsworth shares her top 6 gift ideas for expecting parents in this article.

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You've bought the gift off the baby registry and sent your congratulations, but you still feel like you want to do more. You know, or you've heard, that being a new parent can be extremely exhausting, overwhelming, and incredibly lonely. So what's the best way to help?

Purchasing more items off their baby registry is hugely supportive and appreciated. Still, I want to help you think outside the box. What's unique that the expecting parents wouldn't typically buy for themselves? What's something that could provide a little relief and enjoyment during the newborn stage? 

If you're currently looking to purchase a gift for an expecting parent, this is the list for you. Sarah Hollingsworth—the mom of two young daughters and the Founder of Poppylist—can assure you that these gifts will bring immense joy and comfort to their home. 

Top 6 gift ideas for expecting parents

Food delivery service

When caring for a newborn, it's hard to prioritize the care for yourself, especially regarding your nutrition and food. Meals should not be a burden, and it's one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give. My favorite, complete meal package delivery service is Spoonful of Comfort. You can select one of their many meal options, like this New Parent Care Package. You can be a little stork delivering dinner even if you don't live nearby! If you live nearby, please don't expect to visit with the family. Unless the expecting parents communicate with you directly about staying, it's best to drop off the meal on their front porch and leave.

A set of water bottles

It sounds silly, but trust me. We can't avoid sleep deprivation, but we can avoid being dehydrated. Especially if the nursing parent is nursing, drinking water will be essential to her day. And if she's going to be using a water bottle all day and all night, it might as well be a good one. My favorite? The 1 Liter Water Bottle by BKR. Order two bottles so the parents aren't stealing the others! 

Barefoot Dreams Blanket

New parents are going to be spending a lot of time on the couch with their new baby, and it might as well be an enjoyable place to rest, watch tv, and cuddle with their newborn. I can confidently say the Barefoot Dreams Blanket is the softest blanket I've ever touched, and I can guarantee your baby will love it just as much as you do. Get cozy, and make the newborn stage last as long as possible— it's the best!

Stem cell collection kit

There is no greater gift than the gift of health, right? Saving stem cells from a baby's umbilical cord and placenta could benefit them (or their family) down the road. Cord blood stem cells can currently be used to treat over 80 diseases, and the research on regenerative medicine grows every day. Still, many families don't know the value of these cells or believe the cost to be prohibitive (which it has been, historically).  My recommendation? The Anja Health Stem Cell Safe comes in at $199, with storage plans starting at $35. The safe itself is a great gift, and if it's within your budget, you could even cover some months of storage. (And for peace of mind, the expecting parent can return the kit before stem cell collection. So, if they decide it's not for them, you'll still receive a refund.)

Build a custom self-care basket

Shower the parent-to-be with self-care essentials if you don't think they need more baby items. Build a customized gift basket chock-full of things like an Audible gift card, skincare products, snacks, athleisure clothing gift card, a new water bottle, etc. The trick is to think about the parent's hobbies and what they loved before the baby. Don't have time to build your own? You can send a pre-made box from Shop Box Fox, or It's Bodily.

A Polaroid camera

If there is one thing new parents have very little of, it's time. And when they do have it, they aren't going to be uploading photos to Walgreens and going to pick them up. That's why a polaroid camera makes the perfect gift for expecting parents. It's a fun and nostalgic way to capture the newborn stage. Plus, when the new parents send thank you cards, it's one unique way to include a picture of their baby using the gift. The new parents will be happy with a simple way to document the beginning of their new life.

So, which gift do you think you'll be purchasing for the new parent in your life?

Sarah Hollingsworth

Founder & CEO of Poppylist

Sarah Hollingsworth is the Founder & CEO of Poppylist. After a difficult return to the workforce from maternity leave, Sarah decided to step away from her career to focus on family, health, and to pursue a new entrepreneurial journey. In July 2019, Sarah launched Poppylist— a simplified baby registry platform that helps parents be who they want to be, starting with the right products for their growing family. Sarah resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Scott, and two daughters, Amelia and Zoey.
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