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December 6, 2022


December 6, 2022

7 Eco-Friendly Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties are popular but can be wasteful. Here are 7 reveal ideas to make your party eco-friendly.

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Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years. They create a space for you share the big news with your loved ones as you look forward to having your baby. But many of these parties can be wasteful and harmful to the environment. If you're planning a gender reveal party and want to make it more eco-friendly, here are 3 simple steps you can take to reduce your impact on the environment and 7 reveal ideas to get you started:

  1. Consider using eco-friendly decorations. Instead of using plastic balloons and streamers, opt for biodegradable decorations made from natural materials, such as paper, bamboo, or fabric. You can also decorate with potted plants or flowers, which can be enjoyed long after the party is over.
  2. Avoid using confetti or glitter. These small plastic particles can take years to break down and can be harmful to wildlife if they end up in the ocean. Instead, opt for biodegradable confetti or use natural elements like flowers or leaves to create a confetti-like effect.
  3. For food and drinks, focus on serving locally-sourced and organic options. This will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will also support local farmers and businesses. You can also use reusable plates, cups, and utensils to avoid generating excess waste.

By using eco-friendly decorations, avoiding plastic confetti and glitter, serving locally-sourced and organic food and drinks, and using sustainable methods to reveal the baby's gender, you can celebrate this special moment in a way that is kind to the planet.

7 eco-friendly gender reveal ideas - that are actually safe for you and the earth.

(No fireworks or park littered with confetti here!)

Go classic with cake, cake pops, or cupcakes

A gender reveal using eco-friendly cake, cake pops, or cupcakes is a great way to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. The cake can be made using organic ingredients and decorated with natural dyes. Cake pops and cupcakes can also be made by using natural ingredients and food colorings.

If you want to go even more creative, try making cake pops or cupcakes instead of traditional cake. If you don't want to bake your own, there are plenty of bakeries that make amazing cakes and treats that are perfect for your gender reveal.

Hit a homemade piñata with colored candy

What is more eco-friendly that recycling old materials for a new celebration. Create a homemade piñata with second-use materials and fill it with colored candies that correlate with your baby’s gender. When your guests hit the piñata, they'll get to enjoy some tasty treats and find out if they guessed correctly.

Make custom scratch-off cards

Make your custom scratch-off cards and fill them with scratch-off stickers. You can make your own scratch-off cards to reveal the gender of your baby, or you can buy a set from an online craft store. Then, fill each card with stickers that have either pink or blue circles on them (depending on whether you're having a boy or girl). When guests scratch off the sticker, they'll reveal which color circle is underneath; this will help everyone figure out if they guessed right!

Go on a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a fun and memorable way to reveal your baby's gender. It will definitely spark joy in all of your guests, young and old. Think of a location where you would like to set up the hunt - it can be at home or in a park, etc. You can draw up a list of items that you can collect along the way and have your guests search for the clues. The last clue to be found can announce the gender of your unborn baby and is sure to be memorable and exciting!

Open a wardrobe full of baby gear

A wardrobe stocked with clothes and baby goodies is a unique and fun way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby and announce their gender. Start by selecting a wardrobe of clothing and accessories that match the gender of the baby. Choose items in different sizes and colors to allow for growth and go eco-friendly by shopping lightly-used op shops. The parents-to-be open the wardrobe doors to reveal if baby is a boy or girl!

Squirt gun with food-colored water

A reveal with colored water in a squirt gun and a white shirt is a unique and creative way to surprise friends and family with the gender of an unborn baby. The expectant parents can stand back to back, each armed with a squirt gun filled with either blue or pink water. On the count of three, they can turn around and shoot the water at each other's white t-shirt, revealing the gender of the baby.

Get all science-y with color-changing drinks

Using color changing drinks is an eco-friendly way to reveal the gender of your baby while minimizing waste. All you need are two pitchers, one filled with a clear beverage of your choice and one filled with a colored beverage of your choice. When mixed together, the colors will change and reveal the gender. This is not only eco-friendly, but also a fun and creative way to share the news with family and friends. You can also make it extra special by adding decorations and games that celebrate the new baby.

Fortunately, with a little creativity and planning, there are plenty of eco-friendly options out there to make your gender reveal party sustainable and kind to the environment.

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