Prioritizing Your Postpartum Mental Health

With Dr. Sipra Laddha



May 23

1:00 pm



May is #MaternalMentalHealthMonth. As we highlight the importance of your mental well-being, we're honored to have Dr. Sipra Laddha (LunaJoy) join us for this virtual event on Prioritizing Your Postpartum Mental Health.

We will focus on common mental health issues experienced during the fourth trimester, signs and symptoms of PMADs, and how to effectively seek support and treatment when needed. We will also explore self-care strategies and the role of therapy in managing and supporting your postpartum mental health.

It can be hard adjusting to your new role as a parent and balancing your new responsibilities while making sure you're taking care of yourself. Our goal is that this hour-session will offer an opportunity for you to get your questions answered, help you prioritize your postpartum mental health, and feel supported and informed on your journey.

Dr. Sipra Laddha
Board Certified Psychiatrist
Amelia Protiva
Head of Community