Cord Blood Stem Cells Treat 3 Year Old's Autism
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Our son David was diagnosed in his very young childhood with a moderate form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and focal epilepsy. At ten months, he presented typical symptoms such as delayed language development, movement, and learning skills and hyperactive, impulsive, and inattentive behavior with severe sleeping problems.

Although receiving physiotherapy and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy daily, David showed almost no improvements over the next two years. Besides using the words "Mom," "Dad," and "Ready," he nearly showed no correspondence or social interactions with the absence of visual contact.

In October 2020, with David being three years of age, we contacted CBC Health. Together with the team led by Dr. Nils Thoennissen we set all the details to start near-term intravenous treatment with allogeneic, ABO-matched umbilical cord blood.

Only a few days after the treatment, David could sleep for 10 hours without interruption. We could not believe this success. Within a year after the treatment, David has made significant progress in his developmental skills: he can now go to kindergarten and take swimming lessons. Speech therapy is noticeably improving his language.

The cord blood stem cell treatment helped David be present, make eye contact, and observe the things and people around him. Being a real success for our son David, we have every confidence to go for a second umbilical cord blood treatment.