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What to Expect on the Journey: The Second Trimester

Published by Anja Health on

April 27, 2022

The second trimester is categorized as weeks 13-26 of your pregnancy. There is a lot to look forward to during this time, and many women believe that this is the easiest period of pregnancy, and often times the most enjoyable. Some of those symptoms talked about in the first trimester such as fatigue and nausea will start to fade, if not be completely gone. This trimester is where a lot of women start to feel more connected with their baby and at ease with their pregnancy.

Symptoms to expect

During the second trimester, you will usually begin to gain weight. You and your baby are both going through changes, and you can expect to begin to feel movements, or kicks. Many women feel more comfortable in the second trimester as the nausea stops, and energy levels increase. Some women may still experience some level of discomfort. This discomfort may include swelling of the face, ankles, fingers and soles of the feet.

What to expect

The second trimester often times is referred to as a turning point for both you and your baby. During this trimester, your baby has developed all of its systems and organs and will now begin to grow in both length and weight. The umbilical cord is thickening and carrying nourishment from you to your baby.

Fetal development

With all the major organ and systems formed your baby can now spend time growing. Over the next few months, your baby's weight will multiply more than seven times. As the second trimester ends, your baby will be about 13 to 16 inches long and weigh about 2 to 3 pounds.

Prenatal care

During the weeks of your second trimester, your prenatal appointments will be centered around detecting any health problems and your baby's growth. Your provider will monitor your blood pressure and weight. They will also measure something called fundal hight to check the size of your uterus. Your provider will if you choose, tell you the sex of your baby. You can also hear your baby's heartbeat as well as screen for other tests that were not or could not be conducted during your first trimester.

What to do

Excitement is growing as each week goes on. Remember to follow the checklist outlined in What to Expect on the Journey: The First Trimester. Continue to do your research, bond with your baby, ask questions, take pictures, and relax as much as possible.

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