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What is an umbilical cord blood banking kit?

Published by Anja Health on

April 18, 2022

Cord blood banking at Anja Health is the best option because all clients receive a health concierge to guide them in their cord blood banking process and it is the cheapest in the industry, starting at just $35/mo. for 8 years to cover 20 years of storage. Parents can start the process of cord blood banking by simply ordering our collection kit here. The collection kit contains all of the materials needed for collection along with collection instructions.

We can get kits to parents within 3 days of their due date, but we recommend that parents enroll as early as possible because we've had numerous clients unexpectedly go into labor early.

Immediately after birth, your baby's umbilical cord is clamped and cut. A doctor or midwife draws cord blood from the clamped cord into a collection bag. Once you call the number on our collection kit to alert our shipping team that you've given birth, a medical courier picks up the collection kit and speedily delivers it to a lab. Necessary testing is carried out, and cord blood stem cells are stored in a liquid nitrogen storage tank within a lab facility.

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