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August 9, 2022

What are the Top 5 Breastfeeding Blunders?

Learn about common breastfeeding mistakes and how to avoid them in this article.

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Did you know that most breastfeeding problems can be solved with one or two simple changes? Many moms make simple blunders because they are unaware of the following breastfeeding tips, information, and techniques.

Blunder#1 Thinking pain is normal

Some breast feeding positions and techniques can cause significant discomfort and pain. If the pain or discomfort you feel is in your breast and not your nipples, you may be experiencing vasospasms, a throbbing, burning sensation. The tight latch you baby has on you can be decreasing the blood flow. This can discourage moms and lead to the premature giving up on breastfeeding. The good news is, many of these mistakes can be avoided by practicing proper technique. The trick to getting rid of the pain is to first identify the source, poor latch, engorgement, or a child's tongue tie could be the cause. So, if you're new to breastfeeding and you're struggling with these symptoms, here are some easy ways to go about getting your breast feeding relationship back on track.

Blunder#2 Not completing a breastfeeding class

Although nursing is natural, it may not come easy. Just because you gave birth does not mean you are an expert at breastfeeding. You may find it beneficial to enroll in a breastfeeding class before or after birth. No matter your experience level with breastfeeding there is still no harm in learning a skill or two more. You still need to take a class before giving birth to learn how to breastfeed, how much milk your baby needs, what signs of hunger to look for, and what positions to use.

Breastfeeding classes are invaluable to new moms. They are a place where they can meet other new mothers, ask questions, and learn the most up-to-date information about breastfeeding.

Blunder#3 Not asking for help

This mistake goes hand in hand with not completing a breastfeeding class. Many new mothers feel like they need to be able to figure everything out by themselves. This may stem from the idea that if you need help you are weak or cannot do it on your own. Neither is true. The truth is, we need help and support from others. We need to talk, to ask questions, to feel empowered. There is so much support out there for you, but if you don't ask, you may never find it.

Blunder#4 Not listening to your body

A lot of mothers can be discouraged when they try to breastfeed because they feel like their body is failing them. Mothers may feel like they are not producing enough milk and that their baby is not getting enough. The truth is that breastfeeding moms produce a lot of milk, and breastfed babies receive all the nutrients they need. Breastfeeding moms produce enough milk, so your baby will be fed plenty of milk.

Mothers think their breast-feeding has been unsuccessful or decreased, only to find that the problem was caused by something else. If you feel that you have insufficient milk supply, seek assistance from a lactation consultant. They will assist you in figuring out the best course of action to improve your situation. Thinking that your supply is low may cause you to switch from exclusively breast feeding to supplementing with formula. .

Blunder#5 You give a bottle or pacifier too early

One of the biggest blunders a mom can make is giving a bottle or pacifier to a baby before she's ready. Your breasts are created for your baby, to ensure he gets the proper nutrients and hydration he needs.You could fail breastfeeding if you start out giving a bottle prior to establishing breastfeeding, since it is simpler to remove milk from a bottle than it is to get it from your breast. Introducing a pacifier too early could also mess up your milk supply if you're giving your baby a pacifier instead of your breast in those early weeks. It is important to establish a successful nursing relationship so your baby gets used to your breast milk and doesn't simply feed off of a bottle for the sake of convenience. Sometimes babies can get nipple confusion when they get their first pacifier very quickly. This isn't an issue with breastfeeding and may happen if you introduce a pacifier instead of your baby's mother's breast when he or she is first born.

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