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August 9, 2022

A Doula's Experience with Anja Health

Doula Heidi Snyderburn-Campbell is passionate about spreading parents' awareness of the benefits of banking their baby's cord blood.

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Heidi Snyderburn-Campbell is a mother of two, doula, and podcaster. Heidi's passion for education through story-telling motivated her to start the Birth Story Podcast in 2019 and publish her first book in 2020. Her book, Birth Story, is a 42-week guide that contains childbirth education stories and supports expecting parents throughout their pregnancy journey.

During her pregnancy, Heidi was told about cord blood banking. However, the information did not provide enough education to the extent that all expecting parents deserve. Heidi was only asked if she was interested in donating or private banking her baby's cord blood. No one explained the benefits of banking thoroughly or provided more information about her options on umbilical cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta banking.

Heidi was immediately connected to the founder of Anja Health's story because her son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at two years old. In her Birth Story Podcast, she speaks openly about her regret of not banking her child's umbilical cord blood because it could have been used for treatment. Heidi's personal story fueled her interest in learning more about umbilical cord banking and spreading awareness to parents about the benefits of banking their baby's cord blood.

The Birth Story Podcast that featured Anja Health's founder, Kathyrn Cross, provided a glimpse into the importance of cord blood education. Heidi asked Kathryn questions many expecting parents may have when deciding to bank their cord blood. One important topic discussed during the podcast was a common misconception that cord blood stem cells could only be used for the child or siblings. However, cord blood is not only a 75% match for siblings but also a 50% match for parents. 

If Heidi had only known this information before her son was born, she would have chosen to bank her son's cord blood, and the outcome of her child could have been different. Heidi is now on a mission to educate her patients about cord blood banking and provide them an opportunity to bank with Anja Health. She stresses the importance of proactive care and suggests expecting parents ask questions early on in their pregnancy. She states, "you can't work backward, you won't have that opportunity later to go back and get that cord blood, cord tissue, or placenta."

Heidi has had several patients bank with Anja Health. She mentioned that each experience was highly personalized and transparent. From enrollment to after birth, Anja Health's Account Specialists are committed and attentive to each client's journey.

Listen to the entire Birth Story Podcast here: 

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