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March 15, 2024


March 15, 2024

Discount: ingarden • grow your superfoods

ingarden's stylish and compact microgreen garden is the #1 alternative to supplements.

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Using all sustainable materials, a zero-effort process (we calculate it will take an 8year old just 5 mins a week to use ingarden), and hydroponic technology (no soil), we make growing real food for vitamin and mineral uptake, effortless.

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We know the struggle of trying to be healthier but not knowing where to start. The supplement industry is filled with products that promise the world but deliver very little. That's why we founded our business to offer a simple, real-food alternative: microgreens - the tiny versions of vegetables that contain up to 40 the nutrient density of their mature vegetable counterpart. And what's more: it's real, organic, fresh food -  the most bioavailable way to get your vitamins and minerals for a healthy gut.

Our premium, design-award-winning ingarden growing kit empowers you to grow your microgreens at home - and keep growing. it's a tasty, satisfying way to easily add nutrients to every dish and make healthier choices. start growing your microgreens today and join us in our mission to make healthier choices one microgreen at a time.

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