Cord Blood Banking with Anja



Feb 9

12:00 pm


Zoom Link (via email)

From the healing of sports injuries and wounds to treating various cancers and metabolic disorders, umbilical cord stem cells have been making headlines for their ability to restore the body and treat disease.

In this free class with Certified Doula Amelia Protiva and Anja's Founder Kathryn Cross, we'll dig into the science behind umbilical cord stem cells and how you can preserve them for your baby's future at birth. You'll learn how they're collected at birth, transported, and preserved at Anja's state-of-the-art lab facilities. We'll also walk through current and future potential use cases, and how having your child's stem cells cryogenically frozen at birth can increase their odds of a successful stem cell transplant if needed in the future.

We'll end our time together with an open Q&A, so you'll walk away feeling confident in your options.

Kathryn Cross
Amelia Protiva
Head of Community, Certified Doula